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ownCloud Client Release 1.2.5

Today is release day!

We just release ownCloud Client 1.2.5, hurrah! It’s a small bug fix release, but it will make more people happy users! It fixes three ugly crashes we found with the help of encouraged bug hunters. One of them was an race between our thread which runs csync and the Qt SSL stack we’re obviously using. That caused a crash which happened after quite some run time, or also never… Hard to reproduce and debug, but finally Danimo and his mighty friends were able to nail that.

The new client can be found through it’s download page, here is the Changelog.

If you find issues, please help us to improve ownCloud by commenting or reporting the bugs on our bugtracker. Thanks!

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  1. ben
    April 24, 2013 at 07:27

    I tried owncloud 4.X a couple of months ago, because I was specifically interested in the sync functionality. After setting up the folders, I copied a 50MB testfile.zip into the clients sync-dir. A couple seconds later, the client started synchronizing. Then, during sync, I restarted the client machine to see what would happen. After bootup, the client said everything was synced and there was a 2MB testfile.zip.conflict on the server.

    I know from my own experience that robust file syncing is REALLY hard, because there are many rare corner cases, race issues etc.

    But as a potential user, I’d be really happy to see such a robust sync implemented in owncloud.

    thanks for your work so far!

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