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Kraft Release 0.51

I am happy to release Kraft 0.51 today. Kraft is the KDE solution to handle daily business documents like quotes and invoices in your small business.

This is a bugfix release which brings a handful of useful fixes against bugs which were reported by Kraft users since the last release.

In the catalog view, now drag and drop is working to sort templates. Removing of sub chapters is also working now. A bug in the unit handling was fixed that picked wrong units in some cases. The path to document templates is not utf8 save.

As a new feature the address of the own company now can be picked from Kraft’s settings dialog also after first setup routine.

A source tarball can be downloaded from the Sourceforge Project, binary packages are on the way. Please also report bugs on SF.

Thanks for your interest and contribution to Kraft. If you want to support Kraft, please give feedback, spread the word or buy cool stuff.

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  1. Pino Toscano
    September 27, 2013 at 23:40

    Where is kraft 0.51 taken from?
    Few months ago I did (in the kraft repository on git.kde.org) changes related to the installation of icons, and these seems totally not present in the final tarball.
    Also the repository on git.k.o has no tags…

    • dragotin
      September 28, 2013 at 11:02

      Pino, you’re right :-/ Somehow the KDE release script fooled me… The Kraft 0.51 is basically a 0.50. I have to understand what happened and do another release. Thanks for notifying me and sorry everybody who stumbled over that.

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