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Noisy Workshop

Usually, in my workshop I am listening to the great radio station Bayern 2 (Yeah for public law media). But sometimes you just need to listen to nice classic english punk music, speed folk or (the one and only) Lemmy and friends.

For that I was looking for a so called boom box to stream to from my mobile, simple, dirty and loud. Good that I was a proud awardee at the HiFiBerry Maker Contest 2017 with my TeakEar build, where I won a nice set of a RaspberryPi Zero with a little HiFiBerry MiniAmp, coming with all what is needed to make that working.
inletThat should be enough to get proper punk sound in the workshop – and escape the
boring normal commercial boom boxes all around.

At a flee market I found a great case for that – exactly one of these that were in the classrooms of my school giving the unbanning gong at the end of each lesson. Nicely with the original non-color textile hiding the speaker and nicely done bended and veneered wood for the elegance.


A great fit for my usecase.

Two 3.3 inch Visaton fullrange speaker are mounted in simple closed chassis. The Raspi with the Amp is mounted between them. All is mounted on a back plate that fits the school speaker chassis. Boombox ready.

From a software perspective, it is there is just a Raspbian running that is configured to act as a bluetooth audio device for my mobile.

I think it is a nice addition to my workshop, with a great ease of use since it auto-connects to my mobile. Does it sound great? Oh no, not ..really. Is it loud? Well, yes, loud enough to not get in trouble with the neighbors. Given it’s size, it is actually impresse.

Surely Lemmy would be fine to play Rock’n Roll through it 🙂

The only downsize of the whole thing is that it disturbs the radio reception quite a bit, so it is really either or. Any hints how to reduce that?

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  1. styxman
    May 15, 2019 at 12:42

    I have several questions for you:

    * Do you think the ampli can drive a car’s speakers? Mine has 4 ways, 2 in the front, 2 in the back, I have no idea their ohmage (that’s not a typo :).
    * Have published any schematics? Or is it actually quite simple?
    * How do you setup the BT thing?

    I ask all this because I’m planing to replace my old stereo with a RPi based BT connection for the phone (that includes audio and calls). And maybe later (or before?) start reading/logging ODB data. I have a link for a DC supply that allows you to properly shutdown the pi when you turn off the car.

    • dragotin
      May 15, 2019 at 21:02

      Hi, thanks for your interest! As much as I am a fanboy of the Hifiberry addons, I believe I would not recommend *this* particular one for your usecase. It is just not loud enough. I guess you want to look for the next bigger one for a car with four speakers.

      About the BT thing: It was a bit fiddly and had to do with using internet search engine, but in the end it was just configuring a BT audio sink. For example, check this blog: https://www.instructables.com/id/Turn-your-Raspberry-Pi-into-a-Portable-Bluetooth-A/

      Good luck with your project!

  1. April 28, 2019 at 18:45

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