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SMB on openSUSE Conference

May 21, 2017 1 comment

The annual openSUSE Conference 2017 is upcoming! osc17finalNext weekend it will be again in the Z-Bau in Nuremberg, Germany.

The conference program is impressive and if you can make it, you should consider stopping by.

Stefan Schäfer from the Invis server project and me will organize a workshop about openSUSE for Small and Medium Business (SMB).

SMB is a long running concern of the heart of the two of us: Both Stefan, who even does it for living, and me have both used openSUSE in the area of SMB for long and we know how well it serves there. Stefan has even initiated the Invis Server Project, which is completely free software and builds on top of the openSUSE distributions. The Invis Server adds a whole bunch of extra functionality to openSUSE that is extremely useful in the special SMB usecase. It came a long way starting as Stefans own project long years ago, evolving as proper maintained openSUSE Spin in OBS with a small, but active community.

The interesting question is how openSUSE, Invis Server and other smaller projects like for example Kraft can unite and offer a reliable maintained and comprehensive solution for this huge group of potential users, that is now locked in to proprietary technologies mainly while FOSS can really make a difference here.

In the workshop we first will introduce the existing projects briefly, maybe discuss some technical questions like integration of new packages in the openSUSE distributions and such, and also touch organizational question like how we want to setup and market openSUSE SMB.

Participants in the workshop should not expect too much presentation. We rather hope for a lively discussion with many people bringing in their projects that might fit, their experiences and ideas. Don’t be shy 🙂



openSUSE Conference 2012

October 22, 2012 1 comment

I spent the last weekend in Prague at the openSUSE conference 2012. It was a great opportunity to visit the wonderful city of Prague and meet old friends from the openSUSE community and get a bit more involved into openSUSE again.

I gave a talk about ownCloud on Saturday where I tried to show some technical details. That could have gone even deeper was the feedback some people gave me so I promise to show more of for example app development next time. Apart from that (and apart from the fact that laptops, projectors and Linux still do not play well) the talk went ok and was well received.

The conference is a joint conference of actually four conferences: The openSUSE Conference, the Czech Linux Days, the Gentoo Summit and the SUSE Labs Conference. Over the weekend it was hosted at the Czech technical university of prague and that was a great venue. Very inspiring that over the whole foyer of the building intersting art sculptures were shown. Unusual for a technical faculty but a great thing. The building is modern and large enough for all the talks and workshops but as a result of that it was sometimes a bit difficult to keep the overview where happens what. Especially because the start- and end times of the talks were not kept in sync over the tracks.

I found it is a different atmosphere on the event compared to the openSUSE conferences of the last years which might have been more focussed around the openSUSE project. This one felt more like an general FOSS event. That is not bad, just different, and since change is obvious and good I look forward to seeing how this influences the openSUSE project in the near future.

I like to thank all involved on the organizing teams for their successful hard work, have a lot of fun for the next two days, I had a lot during the last two days 🙂